Sunday, February 27, 2011

Is it worth recycling?

Based on the debate in class on 25th Feb 2010, the self-return notes of the results of the debate are therefore summarised as below:

Note: Positive results of the debate (Recycling IS important) are represented by the green ticks
negative results of the debate (Recycling is NOT important) are indicated by red crosses.


  • Reduce waste.

  • Reduce global warming

  • Cut down costs on raw materials

  • Inflation of raw materials (prices of new materials will be high, so recycled materials are better).
  • More money or energy required to produced a recycled product (Redundant).
  • Less land is required to dispose non-recycled products.
  • Cost more money for machinery and campaigns.

  • Not all plastic bottles are converted and not all aluminium cans are converted, as most plastics are often converted into polyester which in turn results in spending more money to dispose.
  • If there is enough demand, it would be worth it for using recycled materials in the industry
  • If there is not enough demand, then money would be wasted on the recycled materials.

  • Earn profit.

  • Save money as there is no need to buy new products.
  • Even more expensive to buy recycled items in some cases.

  • Higher costs.
  • Less resources needed to produce.

  • More natural resources available.

  • Less new materials used to manufacture new products.

  • Helps to preserve natural resources

This is therefore the summary for the debate between the three different groups of people (Government, Industry, Consumer) as pointed out in class and the perspectives for the positive as well as negative views on whether it is or not worthy to recycle.

Done by:
Neo Wei Hong (14),
SST S2-07,
27 Feb 2011,
With special thanks to Mr Charles Low.

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