Thursday, July 7, 2011

UV Waves- Emily, Chin Fan and Elgin Patt

Ultraviolet means beyond light

Ultraviolet is/are
- A wavelength shorter than visible light
-Found in sunlight but filtered by atmosphere
-Emitted by electric arcs
-Classified by non-ionizing radiation
-Blocked by air

Helpful to us
-Can induce production of Vitamin D
-Can treat skin conditions
-Is helpful by increasing Melanin production which can absorb radiation and making the person more resistant to sunburn
1. A right amount of Ultraviolet can create a little DNA damage.
2. The skin recognizes this
3. It repairs this
4. Melanin production increases
5. The person gets a tan

-Can cause Sunburn and Skin Cancers if overexposed
-Can damage collagen fibers, accelerating aging
-Extensive exposure can lead to eye diseases like cataracts and damage eye structures


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